Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gospel meeting in St. Croix

As you see from the map St. Croix is set off by itself from the rest of the Virgin Islands. The church there stands out in many ways from the churches in the other Virgin Islands. It is the only one that has already taken a stand against liberalism and institutionalism--the one in St. Thomas and Tortola are on the road, but they're not there yet. The church building in St. Croix was built with their money, not money from the States.

The meeting this week went well. We had right around 20 every night, with 3-4 non-Christians every night. 2 non-Christians brought other non-Christians, which is unusual. I know the brethren were encouraged and we pray that God will give the increase of the seed that was planted.

One particular visitor was very welcome to me. Of course every soul is precious in the sight of the Lord and should therefore be to us also, but Gordon Gurley's presence meant a great deal to me. Gordon's wife Agatha was a Christian who passed away about 15 years ago. They were also our landlords for some months--living upstairs while we lived downstairs. He is a good man who made 80 years, as they would say, this year. I don't think Gordon came twice in all the 8 years we lived in St. Croix but he came twice this week. Please pray that he will obey God before it's too late.


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