Tuesday, November 21, 2006

6 baptized in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela

With the 6 recently baptized in Puerto Ordaz the number of brethren has doubled to 11. Brother Jose Barros and Carmelo Fricano are working here and have been working here for close to 3 years.

They worked one full year before any were baptized, but that is not surprising as the church of Christ is unknown in this city. People must first see that a preacher is serious about not only starting a church there, but also in staying to keep it going. How foolish you will look if you join some brand new church that no one has ever heard of, only for it to fold up and disappear within a couple of years. For the first couple of years we lived in St. Croix (before we got “crucianized”) we were frequently asked “how long are you staying?”

Please pray for the church in Puerto Ordaz. Carmelo is in his late 20’s, so is still young and Jose is 5-6 years younger so these young men need wisdom in teaching the Gospel. Both of them have been Christians less than 10 years, but they are seasoned veterans compared to the other brethren in Puerto Ordaz, 3 of whom have been Christians for a little over a year and then the 6 who were baptized last month. The nearest church is over an hour away, so they are really alone in many ways and need your prayers.


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