Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Did I get all that's coming to me?"

The story is told a little boy who had the only bag of marbles in the neighborhood. There was in the same neighborhood one little girl who had a bag of candy and one day they decided they would exchange them the next morning. That night the little boy was looking through his marbles and found the "best" one, his very, very favorite. After a little while he took it out and hid it under his pillow--after all, she would never notice. The next morning the exchange took place as agreed, but that night the little boy tossed and turned all night--he just couldn't get something out of his mind. No, it wasn't the withheld marble he thought about--his thought was "How do I know she didn't keep some of the candy?"

Aren't some Christians just like this little boy? They sing heartily "All to Jesus I surrender, All to Him I freely give." but there is that pet sin that they just can't give up. Or there is football, Nascar, work, etc. that always comes before G0d. Yet they are always wondering, fretting, and worrying about whether God or the brethren are giving them everything they "deserve".

God has promised to provide everything His children need, but we don't become Christians only to receive. As Jesus sacrificed everything to purchase our salvation we must be willing to sacrifice everything for Him. That includes the comforts and conveniences of the States, a big church, etc. if necessary.

What about you?


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