Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"What does Jesus look like?"

With the approach of the Christmas season more emphasis is put on Jesus, particularly His birth. I was listening to a christmas song the other day titled "Some children see Him", of which the main idea is that children see Jesus as they look--white, brown, black, etc. and having lived in the Caribbean I've seen many "black" Jesus pictures. I suspect if I traveled in Asia I might see pictures of an "asiatic" Jesus. So what did Jesus really look like?

Fortunately the Bible tells us very little about His appearance. I say fortunately because the worship of His image would undoubtedly be even greater if we had a picture or photo of Jesus. The Scriptures emphasis is not on Jesus' outward appearance, but rather on who He was (and is)--the Son of God, God made flesh who dwelt among men and was tempted in all points as we are.

We are to honor and glorify Him, but what His temporary, earthly body looked like is of no importance to us--He lived in it even less than most people do. New Testament religion puts the emphasis on the inward, not the outward. So what did Jesus look like? Does it matter?


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