Friday, November 03, 2006

Those "dirty politicians"

It is about this time in the campaign cycle that I've had it up to the eyeballs with slimy politicians and their mudslinging. As a group politicians are one of the least trusted groups in the nation, and with good reason. The last few years have been filled with scandals involving so many politicians it is disgusting. I think I speak for all of us when I say how turned off I am when a person in a position of trust is involved in blatant immorality or even criminal activity--we expect better of them, after all, they are our leaders.

Brethren, is it any different when a Christian sins publicly? Don't misunderstand me, I know Christians sin (I know I do) and many times such sins are public. We are weak and sometimes slip up. But such slip ups give not only our reputation, but the reputation of the other Christians, the church, and even religion a bad name. Whether we realize it or not, the abuse of young boys by Catholic priests, at least in the eyes of some, besmirches gospel preachers too--after all, a preacher/priest is a preacher is a preacher, they're all the same (in their eyes).

The church in some communities has been sorely wounded by the sins of some members. I know a man who was studying and began attending services until one Sunday he saw a fist fight at the church house door. That was more than 20 years ago and he just began attending again a week ago. In one town I preached in there were more Christians out of the church than there were in it, because of the ungodly attitudes and actions of some brethren.

Non-Christians have enough excuses not to serve the Lord already. Let us not live in a way that gives them more. So the next time you are condemning the politicians examine yourself as well. We really don't expect much more from politicians, but we do expect more from Christians.


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