Thursday, March 23, 2006

The church in Owia, St. Vincent

Owia is not the end of road in St. Vincent, that's Fancy 4 miles farther north, but it's not a very big place either. The first time I visited there in 1994 they did not have electricity in the village at all, but by the next January when I returned they did. People live mostly from agriculture, most recently by growing arrowroot, but that has bottomed out, so now it's just more subsistence farming.

Although the village is not large, the church has existed there for some years and attendance has been as high as 70, although it is back down to the 30's, as brethren have emigrated to England or one of the Grenadines for work. Brother Walter has been preaching there since nearly the beginning and at times has been one of the few men who could read. Although in his 70's he still continues to preach and keep things going. This building was finished 7-8 years ago and has classrooms underneath, where Sister Inola teaches the children on Sunday morning.

Even in some remote places there are Christians worshipping the same God, in the same way we worship, and looking forward to the same hope that we do. What a large family the church really is.


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