Monday, March 27, 2006

Preaching on distasteful subjects

Yesterday morning I had the task of preaching on sexual immorality--certainly not one of my favorite topics. It is a much needed topic, especially in our world of blurred morality. Nowdays divorce is perfectly acceptable, almost expected and homosexuality is just an "alternate lifestyle". Even many professing some measure of following Christ have decided that almost any kind of sex before marriage, except actual sexual intercourse. Is it any wonder in this kind of environment that young Christians are not quite sure sometimes what is right and wrong?

My goal in preaching on such topics is to be plain enough that those who need to hear what the Word says about these things can have no doubt, but to use language so that those who are too young to know don't get. I try to help parents out, so their young children don't ask "what's ____________" before they really need to know it. I've heard of some sermons about imorality that embarrassed almost everyone present and in my opinion such is unnecessary. You can make your point without using gutter language or getting too graphic. The truth needs to be presented without apology.

When we are uncomfortable with a topic we tend to ignore it as much as possible and I believe that's one reason we don't hear too many sermons about fornication, adultery, even homosexuality. Sometimes we also think such sermons are not needed, after all "everybody" knows that fornication is wrong. Besides, it might make any visitors uncomfortable. While everybody may know, we all need to be reminded from time to time. As to visitors, in my experience the only time visitors have been uncomfortable is when they are in that situation and don't really want to change.


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