Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hurricane effects

Last May Dana and I were in Barbados and met Omari. He is actually from Grenada, but was staying in Barbados with his Auntie Ann. Was school over already in May? No, not in Barbados, but it had never begun that year in Grenada--one of the hurricanes passed right over St. Georges and the middle part of the island. Since all the government offices are in St. Georges, the capital, all government operations were devastated. Grenada is normally below the "hurricane belt", so the buildings there are not as strong as they are farther north.

So they just didn't have school last year in Grenada. Fortunately for Omari, his aunt in Barbados was able to have him come live with her so he could continue his schooling. He also had power, telephone, running water, etc. which Mom, back in Grenada, still may not have had.

I listen to people complaining about FEMA and all the other government agencies and wonder what they would do if they lived in another country, or even one of the US Caribbean territories. St. Croix does have FEMA but it took 5 months for us to get a check from FEMA and even longer to get a loan to rebuild in 1995 and we were one of less than 100 homes that were badly damaged in St. Croix. "But it will take years to rebuild" they whine. It always does, with or without government assistance.

The Lord never promised to shield us from all troubles, but He does promise that He will give us the strength to overcome. If this is true in physical things, how much more true is it in spiritual things? "My grace is sufficient for thee"

Tol Burk

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