Saturday, March 25, 2006

The new preacher in town

Javier and his family--wife Yvonne and children Javier and Estefany have just begun meeting in a new part of the city of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Javier is not new to preaching--he's been preaching a couple of years in Cagua, but is the new preacher in Caracas. They began meeting last month with 9 or so in attendance. This church is much more convenient for some brethren who had been members in Las Carmelitas, which is downtown.

Caracas has over 6 million inhabitants and until 3 years ago there was only one church meeting in one of the suburbs. Now there are 3, which still leaves brethren and visitors coming from distances of 30 minutes or more.

Javier & Yvonne were converted after being taught one night by a brother who was visiting from Spain. They studied 3-4 hours one night and Javier said, "If we need to be baptized we should go ahead and do it now" and so they were baptized in the wading pool they had for the kids on their patio. That same night Yvonne's Mother and one sister were also baptized, then a little later her other sister and her oldest son were baptized, then the other sisters husband and daughter. Both Javier and his brother in law Gerardo are now preaching in Caracas, while their nephew Carmelo preaches in San Juan de los Morros. With the exception of his younger brother they are all faithful to the Lord. The Lord will always answer those who are seeking.


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