Monday, March 20, 2006

Vacation Bible School in Dominica

If the Lord wills, this will be the 3rd year we have done a vacation Bible school at the church building in Vielle Case, Dominica. The first year we ended with 25 children and last year we began with 21 and ended with 40. This year I'm expecting 50-60, it's hard to know until you get there.
As you look at the church building to the right you may wonder where we put 40 children in this building. Actually, we didn't put them all inside--we had the teenagers (6-7 of them) outside, beside the little window under a tarp. We had 14 children aged 3-5, about 10-13 aged 6-9, 6-8 aged 10-12 plus the teenagers. One of our members, Miss Debbie, got a good initiation into this work with all the little ones. She did have help one day--Sister Charlotte, who is the principal of the school in the next village was there and gave her tips on how to control the children. Debbie learned about "the naughty corner" and what "blows" means.
We plan to do it this year July 17th-21st. I'm hoping we can have it at the school just below the church building--no, separation of church and state is not an issue there. Otherwise, I don't know where we're going to put all the kids. We still need some help with teachers, as all I have confirmed at this point is 3--Dana and myself and one other brother. If you're interested, let me know.

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