Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Lord's work in Grenada

There are 2 sound churches in Grenada presently. The connection with these churches came from a brother who preaches in Dominica, but had previously worked in Grenada for several years. There is one church that meets in the Capital of St. Georges (in the indention on the West coast, near the South end) while the other meets in Mt. Granby, which is inland from Gouyave, on the West coast also, but the next to the last town on the North end.
The preacher for the church in St. Georges, Brother Godfrey, a policeman and as such has been stationed around the island. He has done the preaching there for some years and is very zealous, not only for the Word of God, but the pure Word of God--the first time we met he "quizzed" me for 30 minutes or more to make sure I was sound. He has also supported the church in Mt. Granby as he has opportunity. The St. Georges church met for many years in a rented building, but recently finished their own church building on the North side of town.
The village of Mt. Granby sits at more than 2500 feet above sea level, which is not that important now that the taxi buses will go up there. The first time I preached at Mt. Granby we stayed in Gouyave, which is at sea level (there is no place to stay in Mt. Granby) and walked up the mountain each morning (about a 45 minute walk), then spent the day in Bible studies, then at night we would preach in a neighborhood called "over the hill" for an hour and a half. Afterwards one of the visitors would drive us back down to our hotel--"you might trip in the dark". They are good brethren and while it is a small village, the church has continued to maintain its own and even grow a little--the spouses of several members have become Christians, etc.

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