Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Caparra Terrace

This photo is of the English speaking church that meets in Caparra Terrace, San Juan, Puerto Rico. They share the building with a Spanish speaking group that is even smaller.

This is a house that has been converted into a church building. You are seeing the auditorium here. A couple of the bedrooms are now classrooms, so while the English speaking group is having worship, the Spanish speaking group has class; then they switch.

As you can see this is a racially mixed group--there are several West Indians, from Dominica and St. Kitts, some people from the States and some Puerto Ricans who choose to worship in English. The common bond they have in Christ is what makes it all work. One couple live in "downtown" San Juan and have no car, so they take busses to get to the building then a sister takes them home in her car.

We plan to preach with this group on Sunday, but also Wed.-Fri. nights while we are in Puerto Rico. We are to preach for the Spanish speaking group from Sunday-Friday. Please pray for these efforts.


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