Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The conveniences of home

This is a picture of the living room/dining room where we are staying. The house is quite adequate and each of us has our own bed. We are being treated very well in all things, but some things are just not the same.

The power comes and goes throughout the day and every night at midnight it goes until about 3 AM, so you know what time we really get to sleep. Yesterday the power was on all day and midnight came and we still had power, so I hoped it might continue, but not to worry me son they were just a little late. The water only comes on Tuesday and Saturday, but where we are staying they have a cistern so they fill it when the water comes and then pump it up to a 500 gallon tank on the roof, which feeds the house. As long as you have electricity you have water and there is about a 30 gallon trash can full of water in the shower for those times when you don't have water.

I have forgotten how quickly your life starts to revolve around what you have--Mon. night we got in about 11:15 and I was very tired, but the power was on so before I even thought about bed I plugged the battery charger in to charge the camera batteries and then plugged Ed's and my laptop so they could charge. You do what you got to do, you know. That night the light went out before I could get in the shower, so I showered in the dark.

Yes, we have all the conveniences of home--they're just not quite as convenient.


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