Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dorado, PR

The church in Dorado has been meeting for probably 40 + years and like most churches has had its ups and downs. During the last 4 years things have continually progressed and Joe is much of the reason. He began a systematic study of the Bible then and the members have grown greatly in their Bible knowledge. They had 26 in attendance Sunday, with 3-4 off the island--in the States for various reasons.

We began the Gospel meeting here Saturday night with 12 in attendance, then 13 Mon. night and 19 last night so I expect the attendance will continue at 19 or even grow a bit more. We are staying with Joe and his wife Mayra, in the boy's bedroom--I have the top bunk, so get to climb up and down the "stairs"--other than that I can't complain. We are to eat with two sisters today and then tomorrow we are to have a local delicacy--pig foot soup. You know I'm looking forward to that, but the brother who is fixing it is so excited that he can.

We have been taking turns preaching, as the Gospel meeting at Caparra T. did not take place and tonight it's my turn--I will preach "you shall know the truth". Tomorrow Brother Doug Bain will arrive and he is to preach tomorrow night, then Edward Rangel will preach again Friday night to close out our effort here.

Tol Burk

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