Monday, May 29, 2006

Ensanche Enriquillo

Sunday the 28th I preached at this church on the north side of Santo Domingo. The last time I was here there were about 20 but yesterday the count was 54. Hugo does most of the preaching here, although his brother Chago (in the dark blue shirt on the front row) also does some of the teaching. My co workers Edward Rangel and Doug Bain are on the front row. Joel Holt is on the left side so you don´t see him.

This was the first church in Santo Domingo to take a stand for all the truth. Although Hugo has a full time job (65 or more hours a week) he still preaches or teaches 2-3 times a week, not only here but in other churches in the area.

Sunday was a full day--we began here at 9 AM and went until about 11:30 then back to where we are staying for lunch. We left at 3 to go to another church that meets only in the afternoon--you´ll see them in a later blog. Joel preached there, then on to another church that met at 7:15 and went until 9 PM--Edward preached there. By the time we dropped the sister who went with us off we got to a chicken restaurant about 10:15 and home by 11. The power went off promptly at midnight, as it had the night before and came back on about 3 AM. Rather than cut areas off completely for hours at a time they have rotating power outages--the powers out right now, but the internet cafe has a generator.

It has been hot--even the locals are complaining about the heat and when the power goes so does the fan. But so far so good. At least the car has AC.

Tol Burk

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Ed Rangel said...

Heat!!!! But we are not complaining, my brother. We are doing a good work and are happy to be your co-laborers here.