Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Church "cooperation"

Above you see two churches that share the same building, splitting the expenses down the middle. As you can see they are both small, but they have seperate services because the group on the left has worship in English while the group on the right has worship in Spanish. I preached for both groups last Sunday; first in English, then in Spanish and yes, it was the same sermon. While the English speaking group is having worship, the Spanish speaking group has Bible study. At 10:30, they switch--the Spanish speaking group has worship and the English speaking group has Bible class.

Both of these churches have been larger in the past, but as people have moved away to the States, the number has dwindled. Neither one has a full time preacher, which has hampered their efforts--one of the brethren preaches each Sunday but they meet only on Sunday morning for the entire week and there is little, if any teaching done during the week. As you can imagine, over the years both groups have dwindled down and the only new members have been the few that move in from time to time.

There is a great need for preachers in the Caribbean, especially in Puerto Rico--not to do the members work, but to do the work of an evangelist. There is a great need for more teaching, not only in the church building, but from house to house as well. Please pray that the Lord will supply workers.

If the Lord permits, we will be moving on to the Dominican Republic Saturday, the 27th, to meet 2 other preachers there and spend that week preaching in that country of 8 million people.

Tol Burk

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