Monday, August 07, 2006

Back to the Dominican Republic

Because of opportunities that were presented on our trip in the first part of June Nino and Ruben A. will be arriving in Santo Domingo today and tomorrow, respectively.

Liberalism in the Dominican Republic has until very recently put undue emphasis on the social, while much of the doctrine remains true to the Bible. With the coming of a "church planting team" to Santiago another element has been introduced into the mix. The team, 3-4 couples and a single man, are all from the Baxter Institute, a very liberal preacher school in Honduras. They have rented a meeting place, spent a good bit of money fixing it up (they have a "decoration ministry") and have already had at least one meeting with members from the other churches in the city. A number of brethren in the other churches have become quite concerned--they had been told liberalism would lead to this, but didn't really believe it would ever go this far. They asked us for studies on this subject, which is the purpose of this trip. Please pray that the truth may prevail over error there.


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World Evangelist said...

Hi Brother Tol.

My prayers are with you that the truth will prevail! Thank you for all your efforts to share the Word.

Your Brother,

John Maddocks