Monday, August 14, 2006

Help needed in Puerto Rico

Dana and I worshipped with one of the two English speaking churches in Puerto Rico yesterday. Counting us and a young man who was home for the summer, there were 12 of us, which means beginning in Sept. there will be a maximum of 10 people (1 member was away). It was quite a mixed group—3 West Indians, 5 from the States, and one Puerto Rican extended family of 4. The Spanish speaking church they share the building with did not meet yesterday—the man who does much of the preaching was working, so neither he nor his daughter attended, nor did 2 of the others who are elderly--74 and 92 years old. The 5th one works late on Sat. night and it is hard for him to get up.

Puerto Rico has 4 million people and close to 1 million live within 30 minutes of this church building. Why are these churches so small? Much of the reason is that there is no one there to work with them—to encourage them, to study with those who have fallen away. There is only one full time preacher in Puerto Rico, working with the church in Dorado. There is a great need for more workers—men (and their families) who are willing to preach in Spanish and take advantage of the opportunities that are there. It will not be cheap—Puerto Rico costs at least 30 % more to live in. But with the Lord’s help, it can be done.


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Luis Barros said...

Amado hermano Tol, que el Senor este con tu espiritu.

Amado hermano, siempre reviso tu blogg y espero tu visites el mio. Por lo que veo has estado trabajando en Puerto Rico. Me alegra que estes apoyando la obra del Senor alli. Los tendre en mis oraciones aun mas.

Saludos mi hno, espero verte pronto;

Tu hno en Cristo y colega;
Luis Barros.