Tuesday, August 01, 2006

street preaching

We preached in front of Brother Wilson Brumant's house Tues.-Frid. nights and you can see the brethren gathering. I usually stood near the porch, where the 2 brethren are standing so I could be near the light. We had 5-8 people who came up to listen, plus who knows how many listening at home (you must have speakers to preach on the street).

With a microphone in one hand it is almost impossible to turn to the Scriptures or read anything for that matter, so usually you have to preach from memory. I did have Adam read for me the night we discussed spiritual gifts--that's a lot of reading and I don't know those by memory. It slowed the pace of the preaching way down, but the subject required it. Street preaching demands that you preach in a way that will hold people's interest--they are free to come and go, so if it gets boring, they go. It has to be provocative enough to keep them listening, without being ugly.

There's not much place for street preaching in the States anymore, but it still works in the Eastern Caribbean, although not even there as well as it used to--TV has arrived there too.


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