Sunday, August 13, 2006

Safety in Numbers

If you’ve ever seen a herd of zebras, buffalo, etc. react to a predator attack; you know there really is safety in numbers. The same is true of schools of fish and flocks of birds. Not only do they look out for one another, at least to a limited extent, but it is harder for the predator to focus on one individual among the many.

God, knowing the same is true of people, put into place the local church. Not only are we edified by the teaching we receive there, but the very fact that there are others of like precious faith strengthens us as well.

Do you take full advantage of benefits the local church offers, or is it only something you “use” when you need it, showing up only when you need help? Or do you attend every Sunday, but only at the morning worship service? Perhaps you are one of those who even attends Sunday morning Bible study, but then you’ve put in your 2 hours for the Lord for the week? Let me see if I understand this—Salvation costs Jesus His life but all He requires from you is 2 hours a week?


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