Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The British Virgin Islands

As the map shows the British Virgin Islands adjoin the US Virgin Islands. The BVI are a territory of Gt. Britain with about 22,000 inhabitants. Although there are over 50 islands of various sizes less than 20 of them are permanently inhabited. The majority of the population is on Tortola (about 17,000). The church on Tortola has an attendance of around 30 on Sunday morning, less on Sunday, Mon. and Wed. nights. One family lives on Virgin Gorda and comes by ferry on Sunday ($15 a person roundtrip) and another lives on Jost Van Dyke, the island just above and to the left of Tortola in his Boston whaler. Most of the people are from other islands; the church is made up mostly of people from St. Kitts and St. Vincent. They speak English, although with a different accent and inflection. The islands live off of tourism, mostly boaters, as the islands are perfect for day sailing or just anchoring at a different island each day. This of course has an effect on people's willingness to hear the Gospel--in a society where pleasure is king it is easy to go along with the world. Yet the church has stood for some years even in this society.


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